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0.6-2.0mm Multi-function Crimp Strippers
8 inch (200mm) Cable Stripper
Automatic Wire Stripper
Multi-Purpose Wire Stripper
195mm Curved Stainless Knife
205mm Straight Stainless Knife
Non-Contact Voltage Detector 90-1000V
Stainless Combination Hoe & Fork
Stainless Spade
35 x 8.7 cm Garden Trowel
35 x 8. 5 cm Garden Shovel
5L Bottle Sprayer
2L Bottle Sprayer
1L Bottle Sprayer
180mm Folding Saw
18 inch (540mm) Hand Saw
14 inch (450mm) Hand Saw
Tree Trimmer With Telecopic Handle
30.5 inch (770mm) Anvil lopping Pruner
25 inch (645mm) By-pass lopping Pruner
25 inch (640mm) Hedge Shear
15 inch (400mm) Mini by-pass pruner
200mm Garden Pruner With Zinc Alloy Handle
8 inch (200mm) Garden Anvil Pruner